Organizations using stacker

Below is a list of organizations that currently use stacker in some sense. If you are using stacker, please submit a PR and add your company below!


Remind helps educators send quick, simple messages to students and parents on any device. We believe that when communication improves, relationships get stronger. Education gets better.

Remind is the original author of stacker, and has been using it to manage the infrastructure in multiple environments (including production) since early 2015.


Onica is a global technology consulting company at the forefront of cloud computing. Through collaboration with Amazon Web Services, we help customers embrace a broad spectrum of innovative solutions. From migration strategy to operational excellence, cloud native development, and immersive transformation. Onica is a full spectrum AWS integrator.


AltoStack is a technology and services consultancy specialising in Cloud Consultancy, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Configuration Management.

From strategy and operations to culture and technology, AltoStack helps businesses identify and address opportunities for growth and profitability.

We are an Amazon Web Services - (AWS) APN Consulting Partner.


Cobli develops cutting-edge solutions for fleet management efficiency and intelligence in South America. We bring advanced tracking, analysis and predictions to fleets of any size by connecting vehicles to an easy to use platform through smart devices.

Cobli manages most of its AWS infrastructure using stacker, and we encourage our developers to contribute to free-software whenever possible.